This article is about a combat-specific game mechanic. For the chat-specific game mechanic, see Action.

Action Points (AP) is gained by giving or receiving damage and is used for certain actions, such as cancelling attacks or transforming.

AP is represented by the Action Point Gauge (AP Gauge), a third bar beneath the HP and MP. While filling, the AP Gauge is green; when full, the AP Gauge will start blinking yellow and orange. Every 100 AP fills 1 AP Bar. It takes 5 bars to fill up the entire AP Gauge.

Cancelling an attack by rolling or dashing, or using certain skills while in the air will use 1 AP Bar.

Transformation, such as Berserker or Awakening, requires a full gauge.

Some items, such as Powerful AP Recovery Potion and Decent AP Recovery Potion, are able to restore your AP faster.

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