Canals B3 Map

Canals B3 is the first dungeon players enter in the game. It is filled with many Skeleton Soldiers and a few Skeleton Archers. The last boss of Canals B3 is the Red Skeleton.


IconNameNormal IconHard IconVery Hard Icon
Skeleton SoldierSkeleton SoldierLv.1Lv.1Lv.2
Burly Skeleton SoldierBurly Skeleton Soldier Lv.2Lv.2
Dainty Skeleton SoldierDainty Skeleton Soldier Lv.2Lv.2
Expert Skeleton SoldierExpert Skeleton SoldierLv.2Lv.1Lv.2
Skeleton ArcherSkeleton Archer Lv.1Lv.2
Red Skeleton IconRed Skeleton (Boss)Lv.2Lv.2Lv.3

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