Chat is a volatile means of communication between online players on the same server. Both incoming and outgoing chat messages can be filtered by the player to not be displayed.

Comparison of methods of chat Edit

Method Usage Color Range Number of Recipients Misc
Normal (chat) /s <msg> White Short All within range Constrained to channel and zones
Whisper /w <name> <msg> Purple Unlimited One Cross channel and zone
Shout /y <msg> Orange Unlimited Number of online players Cross channel; cannot be heard outside Town
Guild (chat) /g <msg> Green Unlimited Number of online members Heard anywhere
Party (chat) /p <msg> Blue Unlimited Size of party Cannot be heard in My Room
Trade (chat) /t <msg>  ? Unlimited Multiple
System (chat) [World Megaphone] Red Unlimited Multiple Heard anywhere

Technical Edit

The client appears to utilize one single queue (first-in-first-out) of fixed capacity for chat messages. Individual filters extract the appropriate messages and display them to the player.

See also Edit

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