Claw Focus

Tude's werewolf claw is one of his two main weapons in Rusty Hearts, the other one being his gauntlet. The claw, while boasting a higher damage range and a charged attack, suffers from slowed attack speed and a long recovery time after a combo. Skills gained in the Weapon Focus tend to be more AoE, resulting in a very, very active Tude. While the claw does do a lot of damage, it also tends to leave Tude open to many enemy attacks. A player wanting to possibly solo, gain high combos, and obtain guaranteed S+ ranks on dungeons will probably benefit from the gauntlet focus. For the player who wants to contribute the most possible to a squad of players, a claw Tude is a great choice.

RH Tude 3

Character Angela/Edgar Frantz/Roselle/Leila Tude/Meilin Natasha/Ian
Weapon Magic Sword Scythe Glaive Sword Axe Twin Swords Gauntlets Claws Demon Hands Revolver Musket Weapon Bag

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