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Bear costumes

Costumes determine the outward appearance of your character. Unlike the majority of MMORPG's, the clothing in Rusty Hearts is completely separate from equipment and as such, do not lose durability or offer any additional protection.

During Closed BETA, all costumes were marked as "Not Tradeable". Some players bypassed this by gifting costumes from the Cash Shop before/after receiving payment. As of Open BETA, costumes are tradeable.

They can be found under the Costume tab in your inventory, and are divided into the following parts: Hair, Neck, Outwear, Tops, Bottoms, Gloves, Shoes, Face, Accessories.

With the right materials and some gold, players can have Gina at the Armor Shop make costumes. Costumes and designs can also be found in Dungeons (Dead Man's Chest), obtained through Quests, or bought at the Cash Shop.

Cash Shop costumes come with up to three bonuses.

List of costume sets Edit

Quest Rewards Edit

Angela Frantz Tude Natasha General

Crafted Main Characters Edit

Angela Frantz Tude Natasha General

Crafted Avatars Edit

Edgar Roselle Meilin  ?

Cash Shop Main Characters Edit

Angela Frantz Tude Natasha

Cash Shop Avatars Edit

Edgar Roselle Meilin  ?

See also Edit

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