Debtor's Prison
Debtor's Prison Map
LocationBramunez Church, Bramunez

Debtor's Prison is a dungeon found in the Church of Bramunez.

To proceed with the exploration of this dungeon, players must enter one of the cells in order to find the monster called the Tyrant, who is holding the prison key to the next main room. Expect to do this process twice before entering arriving at the boss room.

The first main room has four cells where you must find the Tyrant holding the key before proceeding. Likewise with the second main room.

Be wary that the first and second main rooms have six parallel spiked turning rods that inflict bleed and damage to those who touch upon entering vicinity. These rods are disabled once the room have been cleared of all monsters.

Even if you didn't pick the right room which holds the Tyrant, there are tunnels in the floor or walls of each cells that will lead you to the next set of rooms where the monster might be.

Monsters Edit

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