Each dungeon has multiple difficulty settings that you can select before you enter. Once you select a dungeon difficulty and enter, you are locked into that difficulty until you defeat the boss, exit the dungeon or are defeated yourself. Higher difficulties will result in tougher and faster enemies in larger groups, but the rewards will increase as well. You can see the requirements for unlocking different difficulty modes, as well as the enemies you will encounter in each mode on the Dungeon Select screen. The different difficultly settings are described below.


Normal Icon The first time you enter a dungeon, it will be on Normal Mode. Normal mode typically consists of hordes of basic enemies backed up by a few ranged attackers with the occasional larger brute-type monster in the larger rooms with the boss in the final room.


Hard Icon Hard Modes are similar to Normal modes, but you can expect to encounter more big baddies in the larger rooms and more varied types of enemies. For example, instead of plain old Skeleton Soldiers, you can expect to see more Skeleton Spears and Halberds on Hard mode. The boss will be tougher as well, and might have more minions when you face it.

Very HardEdit

Very Hard Icon Very Hard Mode kicks it up another notch. Count on seeing big guys in almost every room, backed up by an array of minions dedicated to making your life short and terrible. Bosses are no joke on this mode, but have a chance to drop Clovises, the magical keys used to unlock Blood Mode.

Blood Mode Edit

Blood Icon Blood Mode dungeons require special keys called Clovis to enter. Save them up and get your friends together, because this mode is serious business. Every room becomes a small boss fight and preparation will mean the difference between success and death. Blood Mode turns challenging bosses into unstoppable juggernauts, but if you have the talent to take them down, the rewards will be well worth it.

Blood mode dungeons do not give any XP, all monsters will attack a lot faster than on Very Hard mode.

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