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Edgar Grosvenor (에드거 그로스비너, Edeugeo Geuroseubineo) is an Avatar for Angela. He is voiced by Ai Nonaka in the Japanese version of the game.

Edgar is a male and his backstory is that he is a man trapped in a boy's body. He utilizes the same weapons and skills as Angela. He seems to be a seperate character to the story being that is not associated with the others as he is excluded from cutscenes and dialog. His skills are exactly like Angela's.

Edgar's Master is Estel , same as Angela .


Don't be fooled by this boy's innocent appearance! Edgar is older and more skilled than he looks. After fusing with the demon blade, Crudelitas, he was cursed with the body of a child. Although he is a bit clumsy in his new body, his magical ability makes him a serious threat to Vlad's hordes. His reasons for enlisting are unknown, but his powers are so similar to Angela's that he may have crossed paths with her master, Rebecca.


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Edgar in his winter outfit

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