Korean Modern-Rock Band


Members: 이지희 (YiJiEui) - Vocals/Guitar

정연수 (JongYoungSu) - Guitar

아름이 (Areumi) - Bass

엄상민 (UmSangMin) - Drums

Island City were a Korea based band, formed in 2004, they first debuted with "Love Song" EP and made it into Best Band of the Month in MTV Korea with the song "빨강 - 난 유쾌한 당신의 공주를 꿈꾼다". After a couple more EP's the band finally released a full-length self titled album featuring 11 songs in 2010. One year later the band was announcing its official end, and all the members went separate ways. Bassist 아름이 (Areumi) started a solo career, Drummer 엄상민 (UmSangMin) plays in Cannibal Heart, and guitarist 정연수 (JongYoungSu) back-up's Deli Spice.


Love Story (EP) - 2006

칠리소스(ChilliSauce) (EP) - 2008

아하! 나비구조대 (OST) - 2008

아일랜드시티(Island City) - 2010

Songs Featured In Rusty HeartsEdit

"별이 빛나는 밤" Island City (2010)

"2012" Island City (2010)

"그대와 날 꿈꾸네" 칠리소스(ChilliSauce) (EP) - 2008

Other OST ParticipationsEdit

아하! 나비구조대 - Korean Animation Film

God Of Study - Korean Drama


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