Lord Curtis prepares to attack

Lord Curtis, also known as Curtis the Third, is the namesake of Curtis Castle. He is believed to have been killed by Vlad 300 years ago, but has been brought back by Vlad's men via the resurrection ritual.

He has at least 2 children: a daughter and a son. He mentions 2 names, Audrey and Lucifelt. It is not clear in "Ghost or Zombie?", due to the lack of solid context, whether Audrey is his daughter.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lord Curtis stands at about twice the height of the protagonists. His body is large and deformed, with his belly being the most prominent. His legs are spread far apart mimicking the stance of a sumo wrestler (quite possibly due to his large gut). He wears a full-body harness, its purpose either to keep his body from expanding further or to attach the cannon onto his back. A horn protrudes from his forehead, and he sports a tail -- both part of the suit. He wields a large red axe in his left hand.

Lord Curtis appears to be very royal and does not tolerate disrespectful behavior. He also appears to rely on his guards.

Story Edit

Angela speculates that someone put Lord Curtis' soul into the monster's body and that this has left him disoriented.

Battle Edit

Main article: Lord Curtis (Boss)

The player fights Lord Curtis at least 11 times in the outdoor lobby of Collapsed Halls. The first time is during "Ghost or Zombie?", the next 10 times are during "Killing Lord Curtis". The appropriate random quest "Wanted: Fatty McFatso" allows players to fight him once again.

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