Maze Garden Map

Need to explore again 4x to get all stuff, this is LVL 40 jewelry

1st Run Drop 2 Run Drop 3 Run Drop 4 Run Drop
(5-7x) Purple Mazerock (1-4x) Box of Time and Space (1-3x) Mysterious Mazesand 1x Magic Orb
Cube of Crafting
Mazestone 4x Purple Mazestone 2x Box of Time and Space
Mysterious Mazestone 1x mazestone 2x Mysterious Mazesand
Magic Mysterious Mazestone 1x Mysterious Mazestone 1x Magic Orb
Magic Set Amazing Pendant Amazing Earring Amazing Ring
20x Mazestone 17x Mazestone 15x Mazestone
Fixed Stats

Max HP + 3.91%

Magic Dmg +3.39%

Pysical Dmg +4.52%

Magic Dmg +3.93%

Physical Def +3.54%

Max HP +3%



Critical Def +1%


Critical Power +3%

Unique Set Confounding Amulet Confounding Earring Confounding Ring
20x Mysterious Mazestone + Amazing Pendant 17x Mysterious Mazestone + Amazing Earring 15x Mysterious Mazestone + Amazing Ring
Fixed Stats

Physical Dmg +4.03%

Magic Def +3.51%

Physical Def +4.68%

Max HP +6.19%

Max HP +4.69%

Magic Dmg +4.83%



Critical Def +3%


Critical Power +6%

Epic Set Perplexing Necklace Perplexing Earring Perplexing Ring
20x Magic Mysterious Mazestone + Confounding Amulet 17x Magic Mysterious Mazestone + Confounding Earring 15x Magic Mysterious Mazestone + Confounding Ring
Fixed Stats

Physical Def +4.23%

Max MP +5.6%

Max HP +7.47%

Magic Dmg +6.48%

Physical Dmg +5.84%

Magic Def +5.08%



Critical Def +5%


Critical Power +10%

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