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Natasha Borzenkova
WeaponRevolvers, Muskets, Weapon Bag

Natasha Borzenkova (나타샤 바르 코바, Natasya Bareujenkoba) is one of the characters in Rusty Hearts and a member of the Golden Seal Team. She is voiced by Hiromi Hirata in the Japanese version of the game.

She is a gunner who can either dual-wield two Revolvers, use a single Musket or acquire a Weapon Bag.

She makes her first appearance as part of the actual storyline in the events added by the "Requiem" content update.

She is the elder sister of Unoa.


Natasha is a con artist who travels from town to town with her sister, staging fake attacks from monsters and then swooping in to save the day. However, her stand at Castle Curtis is no con. The inhabitants killed her brother in cold blood, and she will not stop until vengeance is dealt. She is quite experienced in the art of sharpshooting and musketry.

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Rusty Hearts (KR) - Natasha teaser trailer

Rusty Hearts (KR) - Natasha teaser trailer

Rusty Hearts Developer Diary - Natasha

Rusty Hearts Developer Diary - Natasha