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Here you can see the results of old polls. For the latest polls view the front page

How do you get your costumes

Date Started: 4 December 2011
Date Ended: 18 February 2012
  • 69: I just use the quest reward costumes.
  • 32: I craft my own with in-game materials.
  • 16: Zen costumes, using my own money/zen.
  • 12: What is a costume? o_O
  • 10: Zen costumes, I buy from the auction house.
  • 5: I buy crafted costumes from the auction house.
  • 5: Zen costumes, using free earned zen.

Most anticipated new content

Date Started: 5 November 2011
Date Ended: 4 December 2011
  • 28: Avatars! (Female Tude etc)
  • 8: More dungeons!
  • 8: New costumes!
  • 8: New Items!
  • 7: Higher level cap!
  • 1: Guild skills.
  • 1: Guild hall decoration.
  • 0: More quests!

Biggest problem with Rusty Hearts at the moment as of CBT Phase 2?

Date Started: 28 August 2011
Date Ended: 5 November 2011
  • 325: Stamina. OH COME ON. ITS ONLY BEEN 36 HOURS SINCE I SLEPT! Moar moar...**stupid stamina*
  • 67: Bugs and glitches of course! Like um everyone in the guild being online?
  • 39: Wheres my skill tree? T_T *I messed up skills*
  • 32: Other
  • 31: Tedious, boredom, limited content, OPEN BETA ALREADY COME ON!!
  • 28: Overpriced temporary cash shop costumes duh..
  • 13: PvP Imbalances, did you hear? Tude OP! Frantz UP! Angela OP! Angela UP! Tude UP!
  • 8: Ugly new town look and umm walls disappearing and stuff..
  • 8: Server downtime and patcher errors.

Are you a party person or a solo person?

Date Started: 27 August 2011
Date Ended: 5 November 2011
  • 526: I enjoy my challenge, tyvm. Solo ftw.
  • 92: Party all day! Ya-zz Farm Farm Farm.
  • 91: I might solo for quests occasionally or if its hard, but not really.

Favorite character

Date Started: unknown
Date Ended: unknown
  • 179: Angela
  • 118: Frantz
  • 96: Tude
  • 85: Natasha

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