Pamela is the maid that runs the Wine Bar in Cafeteria 1F.


Frantz and Angela first meet Pamela in the quest "Maid in Rumania", due to the mayor's subscription to the Cafe Maid magazine and his love of wine. According to the magazine, Pamela was designed specifically for serving. Upon meeting Pamela, she explains that although Vlad created her as one of his slaves, her mentor fixed her up and gave her free will. Since then, she has remained neutral and never belonged to any organization.

She is later seen in the Guest Villa dungeon with Pierre. At this point, she is in a rather bad state having been previously attacked by a group of Bone Collectors.

She is once again seen in what appears to be the Other World (albeit, she is unconscious) along with Pierre and Heo. From what the player sees of the conversation between the two, it could be said that Pamela is about to be brought back to life by Heo.

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