Collect 77 to get the 7 day title Trick or Treat and a Skeleton (Costume) head.

To whom it may concern, Edit

No one really knows the origin of this letter but it has been circling the globe for years, passed from one lucky person to the next. But ensure the power of this lucky letter, you must take special steps! If I don't receive all 77 letters lucky letters back, the luck they impart turns from a glorious blessing to a terrible curse! You may have heard of Mayor Tracy. He received this letter but foolishly threw it away and, as you can see, he has since lost his mind and wanders the streets of Bramunez like a zombie. He is a disgrace to the town. It is very sad to see him like that but he brought this calamity upon himself!

But it wasn't just Major Tracy who felt the wrath of the Spooky Chain Letter. There's no counting how many have been doomed by throwing away the letter. "It's just a prank," they thought, but they were wrong! Did you ever wonder where all those skeletons in the castle came from? Well now you know! And I hope it makes you treat this letter with the respect it deserves.

You now find yourself in a difficult position, but remember that I, Poison, will always be with you in spirit! Not that I'm a ghost or anything like that, I'm just saying you can think of me whenever you feel down and I'll turn that frown upside-down! Good luck!

From God's most precious and perfect creation,


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