Christmas SeasonEdit

During Christmas, Poison will craft the following weapons. Base weapons require 30 [Santarium] and 1 gold. Merry weapons require 10 Santariums, 1 gold and the base weapon. Silent weapons require 25 Santariums, 1 gold and the corresponding Merry weapon. The accumulative cost is 75 Santariums and 3 gold.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Type Action
[Bell Hammer] [Merry Bell Hammer] [Silent Bell Hammer] Axe Snowman
[Candelabra Axe] [Merry Candelabra Axe] [Silent Candelabra Axe] Axe Tree
[Candy Cane] [Merry Candy Cane] [Silent Candy Cane] Sword Snowman
[Poinsettia Cross] [Merry Poinsettia Cross] [Silent Poinsettia Cross] Sword Tree
[Poinsettia Wing] [Merry Poinsettia Wing] [Silent Poinsettia Wing] Magic Sword Snowman
[Wreath Wrecker] [Merry Wreath Wrecker] [Silent Wreath Wrecker] Magic Sword Tree
[Sleigh Scythe] [Merry Sleigh Scythe] [Silent Sleigh Scythe] Scythe Snowman
[Birch Branch] [Merry Birch Branch] [Silent Birch Branch] Scythe Tree
[Snowman Claws] [Merry Snowman Claws] [Silent Snowman Claws] Claws Snowman
[Santa Claws] [Merry Santa Claws] [Silent Santa Claws] Claws Tree
[Stocking Socker] [Merry Stocking Socker] [Silent Stocking Socker] Gauntlets Snowman
[Giftwrap Gauntlet] [Merry Giftwrap Gauntlet] [Silent Giftwrap Gauntlet] Gauntlets Tree
[Tree Topper] [Merry Tree Topper] [Silent Tree Topper] Revolver Snowman
[Jingle Blaster] [Merry Jingle Blaster] [Silent Jingle Blaster] Revolver Tree
[Cookie Cutter] [Merry Cookie Cutter] [Silent Cookie Cutter] Musket Snowman
[Trumpet Musket] [Merry Trumpet Musket] [Silent Trumpet Musket] Musket Tree

Notes Edit

  • Half of each weapon is listed 'incorrectly' (e.g. "Bell Hammer", "Merry Bell Hammer" and "Silent Bell Hammer" are 'incorrectly' listed as swords in-game). This is due to the default filter (Sword, Axe, etc) and the weapons being sorted by the associated Actions (/tree or /snowman) [1].
  • Using the type filter, Snowman corresponds to Sword, Magic Sword, Gauntlets, and Revolver; Tree corresponds to Axe, Scythe, Claws, and Musket.


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