There are three kinds of potions in Rusty Hearts, Health, Mana and AP recovery. These come in various qualities.

Most are given as Quest rewards, some can be bought from Joheim with PvP points.

Health Edit

Icon Name Effect
Powerfull HP Powerful HP Recovery Potion (Cash Shop) 30% HP
Worst HP Worst HP Potion 99 HP
Poor HP Potion Poor HP Potion 274 HP
Decent HP Potion Decent HP Potion 514 HP
Training Poor HP Potion 616 HP
Gorgon's Great HP Potion (From Quest) 667 HP
Great HP Potion Great HP Potion 757 HP
Best HP Potion Best HP Potion 1072 HP
Decent HP Potion (practice) 1270 HP
Poor HP Elixir Poor HP Elixir 1406 HP
High Quality HP Potion (practice) 1670 HP
Decent HP Elixir Decent HP Elixir 1751 HP
Great HP Elixir 2095 HP

Mana Edit

Icon Name Effect
Powerfull MP Powerful MP Recovery Potion (Cash Shop) 30% MP
Worst MP Worst MP Potion 85 MP -
Best MP Potion Best MP Potion 154 MP
Poor MP Potion Poor MP Potion 245 MP
Decent MP Potion Decent MP Potion 489 MP
Training Low MP Potion 512 MP
Great MP Potion Great MP Potion 776 MP
Decent MP Potion (practice) 1100 MP
Poor MP Elixir Poor MP Elixir 1351 MP
Great MP Potion (training) 1440 MP
Decent MP Elixir Decent MP Elixir 1665 HP
Great MP Elixir 2001 HP

AP Edit

Also see: Action Points

Icon Name Effect
Powerfull AP Powerful AP Recovery Potion (Cash Shop) 100% AP
Powerfull AP Decent AP Recovery Potion 500 AP