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Rusty Hearts

The evil vampire Count Vlad has taken over Castle Curtis, and it is up to the heroes Angela, Frantz, Tude and Natasha to stop him from bending the world to his every whim. Thankfully, our heroes have a few tricks up their sleeves to help them along their way. Are you ready to jump into the shoes of the heroes, and defeat Vlad? - More

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  • ...that you can Grab a monster with the Grab button (C), then attack it with the Attack button (X)?
  • ...that you can increase the level of an augment stone by combining two augment stones?
  • ...that you can configure controls in [System Menu] → [Game Option Setup] → [Key Config]?

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Revolver Focus

Natasha can wield not one, but two of these pistols. Her attacks with these mostly involve fast shooting and acrobatic gunplay. The two revolvers are also fairly accurate, and can come in many different styles and variations. read more...


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