Shout is a method of communication between online players on the same channel, albeit those who are currently in dungeons cannot send or receive Shout messages.

Shouts appear orange in color.


In Closed Beta and for the first few weeks of Open Beta, the Shout system was widely used for advertising items and/or making offers. This method of communication quickly became obsolete due to the availability of Server Microphones, which allowed players to advertise and/or send messages to everyone on the same server as them, regardless of whether or not they were in a dungeon.

The Shout system is now used far less that it was originally, and is now used primarily to request help with quests/dungeons by newer players.


Using the Shout system is fairly straightforward. Shouts can be sent using the following method:

/y [message] (where [message] is the message that the player wishes to send)


If the player formatted the Shout correctly, it should appear something like the following:

[playername]: [example message]

[Playername] represents the name of the player sending the Shout while [example message] represents the message that they wish to send. Taking this into account, here is another example of the desired result:

Player: Hello. How is everyone?

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