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Icon hp recovery upHP Recovery
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv10001500200025003000350040004500?
SP Cost15001500150015001500150015001500?
MP Cost?????????
HP Recover/2sec8001600200028003200400048005400
DescriptionRecover HP every 2 seconds for 5 minutes.
Icon berserk tBerserker
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv10
SP Cost5
Phys/Mgc% Dmg+50%
Atk Spd%+50%
DescriptionUnleash your inner rage when the Active Point Gauge is full. Cannot be used in the arena.
Icon immune cryImmunity Shout
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv40
SP Cost20
DescriptionMake nearby party members immune to all negative status effects for a short time.

Gauntlet FocusEdit

Icon concentrationConcentration
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv3040
SP Cost1515
MP Cost??
Cooldown90.00 sec
Crit Rate%+2030
Duration5 mins10 mins
DescriptionCritical Hit Rate increases sharply. Cannot be used in the arena. Max skill level is 2.
Icon p m defence upIncrease Defense
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv2030384348
SP Cost1515151515
MP Cost????
Cooldown300.00 sec
Phys/Mgc Def%+1020304050
DescriptionIncrease Physical and Magic Defense for 1 minute. Max skill level is 5.
Icon cri power upIncrease Critical Power
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv30364248
SP Cost10101010
MP Cost????
Cooldown300.0 sec
CritHit Dmg+%10203040
DescriptionIncreases Critical Hit Damage for 2 minutes. Increases Critical Hit Damage. Max level is 4.
Icon all r upEffect Immunity
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv40
SP Cost20
MP Cost?
Cooldown240.00 sec
DescriptionBecome immune to all negative status effects for a short time. Cannot be used in the arena. Max skill level is 1.
Icon polymorph01 tAwakening
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv46
SP Cost5
DescriptionAttack Speed: +50%, Physical Damage: +100%

Claw FocusEdit

Icon wolf cryWolf Cry
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv30354045
SP Cost15151515
MP Cost????
Def+/S.A sec.????
DescriptionIncrease Defense and activate Super Armor for a short time. Max skill level 4.
Icon cheer cryCharismatic Call
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv30???
SP Cost15151515
MP Cost????
Cooldown180.00 sec
DescriptionAttack Speed is increased by 50% for 15 seconds.

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