Icon drawWild Throw
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv61014182226303438
SP Cost151515151515151515
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown16.00 sec
Phys Atk%190%190%190%190%190%190%190%190%
Phys Dmg+103168254342457571???
DescriptionGrab an enemy and slam them onto the floor. The impact creates a shockwave, damaging nearby enemies. Grab skills will appear on the grab skill bar.
To use a Grab Skill, Grab (C) an enemy then press the skill key.
Icon dash attackSavage Charge
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv61216202428333843
SP Cost111111111111111111
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown15.0 sec
Phys Atk%240%240%240%240%240%240%240%240%240%
Phys Dmg+12926538151363977396011451335
DescriptionCharge forward and deliver a single, powerful blow.
Icon sharp clawSharp Claw
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv10162026324046
SP Cost50111111111111
MP Cost???????
Cooldown17.5 sec
Phys Atk%130%130%130%130%130%130%130%
Phys Dmg+1642963995567139631155
DescriptionCause two giant claws to burst from the ground. Max skill level is 7.
Icon jump attackPounce
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv14????????
SP Cost111111111111111111
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown22.9 sec
Phys Atk%210%210%210%210%210%210%210%
Phys Dmg+369531?????
DescriptionJump up and land in the middle of a group of enemies. The target mark can be moved while holding down the skill key.

Gauntlet FocusEdit

Icon catch spiritsGrab&Hit
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv263034384247???
SP Cost353535353535???
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown31.42 sec
Phys Atk%370%370%370%370%370%370%370%370%
DescriptionGrab an enemy and hit them over and over again. Grab skills will appear on the grab skill bar.
To use a Grab Skill, Grab (C) an enemy then press the skill key.
Icon knock downJudo Throw
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv32364044?????
SP Cost28282827?????
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown37.10 sec
Phys Atk%310%310%310%310%????
Phys Dmg+2092245628273200?????
DescriptionGrab an enemy and throw them on the ground. Strike nearby enemies while moving forward. Cannot be used in the arena.
Grab Skills will appear on the Grab Skill Bar. To use a Grab Skill, Grab (C) an enemy then press the skill key. Max skill level is 4.
Icon hand bombFocused Attack
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv34????????
SP Cost?????????
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown35.00 sec
Phys Atk%330%330%330%330%330%330%330%330%
Phys Dmg+2137????????
DescriptionFocus Krov into a beam attack. Ignores the opponent's defense. Damage increases with charge level.
60% damage in the arena. Only deals 20% damage if used without focusing Krov.

Claw FocusEdit

Icon battle cryBattle Cry
Skill Lv123456789
Req Lv2631364146????
SP Cost202020202020202020
MP Cost?????????
Cooldown40.00 sec
Phys Atk%250%250%250%250%250%250%250%250%
Phys Dmg+11491421172820592385????
DescriptionStun nearby enemies with a powerful battle cry.

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