The Day the Sky Falls Down
Level20 (Requires 19)
TypeQuestIconStoSmall Story
Starts questNadia
Ends questWinger
ZoneShopping District
Pre-reqAnother Secret Passage
Quest Reward
Gold80 GoldCoin

Give Mrs. Winger her son's belongings. Cannot skip.


Notes Edit

  • After completing this quest, the Church area will become accessible.
  • Your character will start in their room.

Dialogs Edit

Scenes Edit

D-5 "The Say the Sky Falls Down" finale Edit

Starry Day (link)

The first scene begins with Mrs. Winger's reaction to the news as Angela hands her the belongings. This is brief and takes place at Mrs. Winger's usual spot beside the Miscellaneous Store.

The following scene takes place outside Ruben's store and is a fairly long one.

The background music is "Starry Day (별이 빛나는 날, Byeol-i Bichnaneun Nal, lit. "Starry Day")" performed by Island City. This begins playing during the first scene.

D-4 "Resurrection of the Ancient Devil" intro Edit

This scene takes place on one of the stairs in the Castle. It appears to be similar to those in the room Fluffy was first encountered in. Once the scene ends, your character will start in their room.

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