Tutorial Map
Tutorial Map

The tutorial can only be taken once — After creating your character, you will be offered to take the tutorial. It is recommended to do so. After accepting the offer, it whisks you away to the Tutorial Map.

Statistics Edit

Items Edit

The items found in the dungeon appear to be in random quantities (with the exception of armor). Items can be picked up with the attack button (X).


All enemies in each section must be defeated before you can advance. Enemies have a chance of dropping items.



After the dungeon opens up with a cut-scene, you begin in section 1. Proceed forward when you are ready. You will be pit against a handful of enemies and also face the unnamed enemy's assault as he attempts to maul you.

Section 2 once again pits you against a handful of mobs, and even more mauling. Upon defeating mobs in this section, you should be able to get 1x Armor (see above list), and possibly some potions.

Section 3 places you in a curved section, with another batch of mobs. Due to the fixed camera, this can be a disadvantage.

As you attempt to proceed forward through section 4, you will be shown a cut-scene, and then be placed into section 5.

In section 5, clear the final group of mobs. Pick up any items they drop. An item chest can be found in this section between the statues. It's slightly obstructed due to camera angles and other objects nearby, so be sure to grab it before proceeding.

Section 6 concludes the Tutorial Map with a cut-scene.


  • Attacking an enemy is prioritized over picking up items, as both actions use the same button (X).
  • All game tips shown during the tutorial (and others) can be found under ContentsHelp on your mini-menu. Contents is the 4th button that looks like a present box (image required).

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