Tude with a 'tude

Perfect World has posted detailed information about two of the main characters of Rusty Hearts - Tude and Angela. The article covers both their backstories, as well as their special powers and weapons. Here's a snippet:

Deep in the Fog Forest of Rumania lies a small village. This village has survived for hundreds of years under the protection of the witches who are trained there. Now, in these dark times, a young witch apprentice named Angela has been sent to the city of Bramunez to aid in the siege on Curtis Castle. To gain the power she would need to survive the coming conflict, Angela fused her soul with that of Graestra, an ancient blade possessed by an evil spirit. This turned her hair fiery red and spiky, as well as granted her the sorcerous abilities of a witch many times her age.

Which of the characters revealed to date are you most excited to play?

Who is your favorite character so far?

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