Rusty Hearts: Reborn is the first expansion to the game Rusty Hearts and brings with it a ton of new content. Read on to find the 5 things you need to know about the add-on, and be sure to add more in the comments!

1. Third Weapon Focus

Players are now allowed to train in a third weapon proficiency once their character reaches level 20. Frantz can use Twin Swords, Angela has a Glaive, Tude can master the Demon Hands and Natasha has the Weapon Bag.

2. Dungeon Book

Ever wanted a hard-to-find item, but totally forgot where it is located in the game? The new Dungeon Book will have the information on every dungeon, the items found inside, the monsters that are encountered, and other information. Save time and energy by focusing your might where it is needed most.

3. New Skill Manager

Easily handle all of your character's upgrades with the newly designed Skill Manager.

4. A new Hub world

There will be a new forest hub world for the characters Meilin, Roselle, Leila and Edgar. It will feature all new enemies, items, characters and quests.

5. New Quests

There are new quests in the deceptively whimsical forest-lands, including two dungeons in both the South and East forest.

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