I have been here on my first day, still pretty new here. But I suddenly got carried away and edit about 65 or more aritcles. Mostly on the Monster link pages. But I enjoyed making some edits- adding more details that I have experienced myself. But here, I found out there's a lot to learn. I pretty much found out that I have to read a lot of things here and search a lot. I really don't enjoy reading but more of a get-to-the-point kind of person. Right now I am currently editing and learning more about this website here. Even future updates about the game itself. Right now I am completely exhausted and tired; I've stayed up all night here editing and trying not to make any mistakes here. Or even embarassing myself on here. But it seems I did, maybe a few... I just hope it gets cleaned up, or I hope I can find ways to delete my own mistakes. I am probably getting a hang of this so far.

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