Whisper is a method of communication between online players on the same server. In order to whisper to someone, the player must know the exact name of the person they wish to communicate with.

Whispers are shown in a purple color.

The system will remember the last method of communication used — in the case of whispers, /w name is retained. To use a different method of communication the retained input has to be cleared. Not doing so results in whispers being sent to the current person (For example, "Whisper to example: /g Welcome to the guild!".)

Whispering to an offline person does not output anything to the players screen.


The whisper system is generally used for personal conversations between two players, although some players use the system for discussing trade offers.


Whispers can be sent using the following format:

/w [playername] (where [playername] is the name of the other player)


If the player enters an existing character name, "/w" and the name of the recipient will be replaced with:

"Whisper to [playername]" (obviously, "[playername]" being the name of the person receiving the whisper)

After "Whisper to" appears, the player can then type out what they wish to whisper. Here is an example of the desired result:

"Whisper to example: Message".

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